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奧修說名字 - Lok


  Lok means the world -- the world of love or the dimension of love. Life is multi-dimensional. We are not living in one worlds there are many worlds together, it is a multi-verse, it is not a uni-verse. The man who lives in logic lives in a totally different universe than the man who lives in love. The poet lives in a totally different world than the mathematician, the politician lives in a totally deferent world than the mystic. There are many worlds available here, but the best to choose from is the world of love, because out of love all that is seat arises -- poetry, music, dance. And ultimately out of love, the arrival of god.

  So let love become your world: choose it consciously. Drop all that goes against love, and hold close to your heart that which is for love; then slowly slowly the gestalt changes. And when you become love, you have really become a man. Only man is capable of love -- and not all men, because many remain only capable, they never make it actual, Only once in a while, a Buddha, a Jesus, a Zarasthustra, a Lao Tzu, become real lovers. But they know the peaks, they know the treasures of life.



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