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奧修說名字 - Prem kavita

  Prem means love, kavita means a poet -- a poet of love. And that's my vision of being a true sannyasin -- love and poetry And in fact, if love is there is always poetry. Love blooms in poetry. And by poetry I do not mean anything literal; it is a metaphor with me.

  It means a life lived with great sensitivity. It means a life lived not through the head but through the heart. It means a life which is basically rooted in beauty. When life is oriented in beauty, it has poetry. Then one walks poetry eats poetry, breathes poetry. It has nothing to do with poetry as such. The thing ordinarily called poetry is only one aspect of this life -- this life lived in beauty and grace, life lived in joy and celebration.

  The head is serious and sad. Only the heart knows how to dance; the head is crippled as far as dance is concerned. And the head is very earthy; it crawls on the earth. The heart has wings; it soars high in the sky. And that soaring is what I call poetry.

  So drop seriousness. Forget that you have a head. Function more and more as if you don't have a head. In the beginning it is just an 'as if; slowly slowly it becomes a reality. And the day it becomes a reality, you are a sannyasin. This is just the beginning, the beginning of dropping the head.




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