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奧修說名字 - Prem Bhakta

“Zorba The Buddha” ch.4   January 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

  Prem means love, bhakta means devotion, a devotee. There are three stages for the seeker. One is the stage of the student: his approach is intellectual, that of curiosity, he wants to collect information. He can only find teachers, he will never find a master. His search is for a teacher who can teach him, not for a master who can transmute him. His search is for a teacher because he thinks that truth can be taught. Truth cannot be taught, it can only be caught; it is like an infection. It is not a question of the master telling you what it is. It is getting in a deep communion with the master, falling en rapport with the master. Then something is transferred – not verbally, not visibly, but something is certainly transferred, and that transmission beyond scriptures is the beginning of a new life. But that cannot happen to the student; he is not longing for it in the first place.

  The second stage is that of a disciple; it is higher than the student. He wants to be transformed. He is not in search of information but in search of transformation. He will look for a master. He will not be interested in, or satisfied with, teachers, he will not be satisfied with scriptures; he will need a living phenomenon so he can participate. But the disciple, although he surrenders, still he remains. His surrender is still his surrender. It is his will, it is his decision to surrender; and when it is your will, you can cancel it any moment, you can withdraw. The disciple can leave the master. It is the disciple’s choice to be with the master or not to be with the master. If he says yes to the master, that too is his own decision to say yes. His ego still functions. He is in a better state than the student, but not yet totally in tune with the master.

  The third state is that of a devotee, a bhakta. He surrenders, and his surrender is not his will; he simply allows it to happen. He cannot say ’I have surrendered.’ He can simply say ’Surrender has happened to me.’ Then there is no going back, he disappears into the master; and only when you disappear into the master can the master disappear into you. Then the boundaries disappear: there is real meeting, merging, and in that merging is the greatest experience – the experience of satori, samadhi, ecstasy, truth, god, or whatever you call it.

  Your name means: a loving devotee. Remember the third stage has to be attained. If the disciple moves rightly he will become a devotee; if the student moves rightly he will become a disciple. If the movement is right, sincere, authentic, the student and the disciple are both going to become devotees one day.

  To be a devotee is to bloom. It is magic. Immediately all your problems disappear as if they had never existed before, as if you are awakened from your nightmare and now you know it was just a dream.

  Remember, that is the goal: one has to become a devotee, and only when devotion has arisen is one ready to receive truth. The student only collects information about truth. The disciple collects a few fragments of truth. The devotee drinks it in its totality.





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