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奧修說名字 - Deva Habib

摘錄自“Hallelujah!” ch.13

  Deva means divine, habib means beloved beloved of god, beloved of the divine. Habib is a Sufi word. God loves... we have only to allow his love to penetrate our hearts. And this is not just a metaphor, it is literally true; it can’t be otherwise. Change the word ’god’ to ’existence’ and things become simple: existence loves you, otherwise you would not have been here. You are not an accident; nobody is.

  Existence needed you – it still needs you. As much as you need it, it needs you. Even the smallest thing in existence is needed as much as the greatest. In the vision of god or existence there is no distinction between the small and the big. A grass leaf is as precious as any great star. And a dewdrop is needed as much as a Buddha. Without this dewdrop existence will be less -- less beautiful, less majestic, with less grandeur; it will miss something. We are interdependent...existence is an infinite net of interdependence. That is the meaning when I say god loves you. To let the idea sink into the heart is of immense importance, because then suddenly you start feeling at home; you are no more an outsider, not a stranger.

  The greatest calamity that has happened to humanity in this age is alienation. Man has started feeling as if he is a stranger. This is a new kind of disease; it has never been so in the past. No other century has had this idea in such great proportions, and the reason is that god is missing from our vision. After Nietzsche declared ’God is dead,’ man died. God is still alive. God cannot die, because god simply means the eternal life, nothing else. To say ’God is dead’ is a contradiction in terms. God means that which doesn’t die, that which cannot die. Even if god decides to commit suicide, that is not possible, that is beyond his omnipotence, because god is life and nothing else. Life continues, forms change.

  But one thing happened: since Nietzsche declared ’God is dead’.... And his declaration became the declaration of this age; it is not personal any more. It has become the dictum, the paradigm, the whole mind of this century. God remains as alive as ever, but in declaring god dead, man has died. He has lost his roots in existence. He has become uprooted; now he no more knows who he is. The whole context is missing; now he no more knows why he is. Now he cannot find any purpose, because without god there as the context there can be no purpose. Now he feels a kind of utter meaninglessness arising, a futility – what Sartre means when he says that man is a useless passion. But how long can you remain passionate if you are useless? Sooner or later that uselessness will overpower your passion, will destroy it.

  All that is left to man is either to go mad, as Nietzsche himself did, or to commit suicide, as many others have done. If one cannot gather courage to commit suicide then one commits suicide slowly, inch by inch, part by part, in instalments. This is no way to live.

  Man can live only if he starts feeling his roots again in the soil, if he again becomes part of the greater context of life. That is the whole purpose of sannyas: to give you back your roots, to make you aware that life is not an accident, that you are tremendously needed, that without you life will not be the same, that god is in utter need of you.

  Remember: we need many things in life but the greatest need is to be needed; no other need is of such importance. The moment you feel needed suddenly you become significant. A woman needs you – without you she will be in despair – and suddenly there is meaning in your life. A child needs you – without you he will be an orphan, without you there will be tears in his eyes – and suddenly you are no more a useless passion. But think: a woman needs you, a child needs you, a friend needs you, a mother needs you, and around you a pattern, a gestalt arises that gives you significance. But this is nothing compared to the declaration that I make ’god needs you!’ That means rivers and mountains and stars and trees and animals – they are all in need of you, they will all miss you. The world will be in deep despair without you.

  Just that perspective and suddenly you are at home, at ease. Life is no more an accidental jumble of events. Now there is a poetry, a consistency – one thing leading to another, a progression, a continuum. And whenever there is a feeling of progression, continuum, one can know that one is moving in a direction, that there is a goal somewhere, a destiny to be fulfilled, a hope to be materialized. That is the meaning of your name: think in terms of god loving you, and slowly slowly your heart will respond. That response is prayer... that response is sannyas.






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