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奧修說名字 - Divyam

摘錄自“Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones” ch.12

  The word “divyam” and the word “divine” come from the same Sanskrit root. They are not different, they come from div. Also from div come the English word “day” and the Sanskrit word divas that means day. Div means light, divyam means full of light … as if the inner sun has risen and the darkness has dissipated.

  Originally the inside is completely dark, entirely dark; but the darkness contains the morn, the dawn. It is the womb out of which the sun rises. So don’t be against it, because it is like a seed out of which the flower of light is going to bloom. The real man of understanding loves darkness as much as light, because they are not separate. He loves the devil as much as the divine, because they are not separate. The word “devil” also comes from the same root div: a fallen divinity -- that is the meaning of the devil. He was an angel and because he disobeyed, he fell from God’s grace. But even though he has fallen he is divine.

  That is the situation of man. Man can be in deep darkness, man can go astray; that is his freedom. Man can come back home; the home is his. If he knocks back home, the door will be open for him. And he will be received with great joy because he had gone astray and he has come back.

  That is the meaning of Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son.





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