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奧修說名字 Shanti


  Shanti Deva. It means goddess of peace. Let it be a remembrance – feel as peaceful as possible. And it is only a question of feeling. If you feel peaceful, you become peaceful. Nobody is barring you; there is no hindrance. The idea becomes the actuality. A continuous thought can be transformed into a thing. It becomes as material as anything else. Let it vibrate inside continuously. Whenever you forget, again remember, relax and bring peace. Move peacefully, sit peacefully, stand peacefully. Carry a grace, an elegance, and feel that you are surrounded by a small aura of peace. Within a few days there will be no need to remember it. It will be there whether you remember it or not, but in the beginning remembrance helps to materialise it.

摘錄自Beloved of My Heart ch.12


  Shantiprem. Shanti means silence, prem means love. The moment these both happen together you have entered the world of miracles.

  Love is excitement, it is feverish – that’s why it is called passion. It is a little bit crazy, it drives you nuts! (laughter) Love alone is not enough. Silence is also needed to balance it, to give it some sanity, to make it less of a fever and more of a healthy phenomenon.

  Silence alone is dead. It is of a graveyard, it is not alive. Love is needed, then even on the grave roses start blooming. Love and silence together make a life a really rich life.

  And that’s the work my sannyasins have to do, to create a rich life. I am against poverty – and the greatest poverty is of the inner, the outer poverty will be removed sooner or later. Either science will remove it or nature will remove it, but it is going to be removed, it cannot remain for long. But the inner poverty, neither science can remove nor nature can remove. It has to be removed by the individual. Hence I have chosen the inner world and the work that is concerned with that.

  The outer world is the concern of the politicians, the social workers, the so-called revolutionaries, scientists, technicians – that is their work. My work is to change the inner world and make it rich – and richness happens only when love and silence meet. When love and silence are really merged into one organic unity you have come to know the greatest joy of life.

摘錄自Is the Grass Really Greener... ch.4




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