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奧修說名字 Unmada


[Osho gives a name for a therapy centre in the West.]

  Unmada. It means: ecstatic madness, the ultimate, delirious madness that happens when man meets god. It is the fragrance of samadhi. One dances in ecstasy, with abandon. There is no holding back – there is nobody to hold it either; it is a state of utter let-go. Not that you dance, but god dances through you.

  And certainly it is mad. Reason cannot explain it, because for that kind of joy there is no reason in existence at all. Unless it happens, it cannot even be believed that it is possible. And it is mad because the mind simply explodes. After that there is no mind. It is a state of no-mind. But it is not passive – it is dynamic, it is exploding energy, expanding energy.

  Will it be easy to pronounce? – ’Unmada’. Good. Now let this be the name and let this be the goal. Growth in itself is not the goal: growth makes ecstasy possible. It is a means – all meditations, all methods are means. And the goal should not be lost sight of. Otherwise sometimes it happens –it is happening – that growth in itself becomes the goal. One has to grow so that one can contain god. One has to become huge, enormous, so that one can contain god. One has to empty oneself completely so that space is possible for god to enter into. But when god comes in, god always comes dancing... with a flute on his lips. And help many people on the way – you are ready. Become infectious!



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