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奧修說名字 Deva Mani 


“Hallelujah!” (第15章) 1978年8月15日下午 於莊子屋






“Hallelujah!” (ch.15)  15 August 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

  Deva means divine, mani means diamond – a divine diamond. The diamond is there in the heart, it has always been there – it has to be discovered. And it is not in the outside world, so one need not go anywhere to discover it; one has just to look within. It is not something that has to be created; it is already there. We have forgotten about it because our eyes are looking and searching outside. We are putting ourselves at the back. Our nature is no more in front of us. Our nature has become covered with the dust of centuries, of many lives. We have thrown our nature into the basement of the house; we never go there. And it is in that nature that our treasure lies... what Jesus calls ’the kingdom of god within’.

  It is there. But people are looking in the heavens and they are searching everywhere. The search is becoming more and more frantic because nothing is found, it is becoming more and more desperate because nothing is found. Slowly slowly man is entering into a kind of despair, as if there is nothing...in a kind of stoic depression: ’Okay, if there is nothing, there is nothing. We have to pull on together somehow, we have to drag on. There is no meaning in life, no significance in life. Life is an utterly useless passion.’ This is not true. We have not looked in the right direction. We are gods and the treasure is infinite, inexhaustible, but it has to be discovered, or, to be more true: rediscovered. It has to be remembered. It is a forgotten treasure.

  To be initiated into sannyas means to become available to a person who has discovered it so that he can also supply a map to you... if not exactly the map, then a few hints, fingers pointing to the moon.


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