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奧修說名字 Anand


“Dance your way to God”(ch.23)  19 August 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

  Anand means bliss, the ultimate state of consciousness when there is nothing to be blissful about...just pure bliss, uncaused. That is the difference between bliss and happiness. Happiness needs a cause for it to exist. Bliss needs no cause. And when happiness needs a cause, it can create unhappiness, because the cause is always beyond you; you cannot do anything about it. If you are happy because you are with a man you love, unhappiness can settle any moment because it is impossible to control the other. If he moves to another woman, you will be unhappy. Even if he doesn’t move to another woman and you force him to be with you but deep inside he is no more with you, then too you will be unhappy.

  If your happiness depends on money, then it is not certain. You may have money today, you may not have it tomorrow. If your happiness depends on others’ opinions, it is fragile because people’s opinions are almost whimsical. They can appreciate you today like a goddess, and the next day they can kill you and burn you like a witch. They are not reliable.

  So happiness is always shaking, trembling, and surrounded by unhappiness. Happiness can never be a state of fearlessness; the fear is always there. Any moment happiness can slip out of your hands. So when you are happy, then too you are not really happy because the fear is constantly there. When you are happy, just by the side, the shadow of unhappiness is standing. And you cannot avoid it, you cannot escape it, because it will always follow its natural course, and the natural course is another aspect of happiness itself. You cannot drop it. Bliss is not happiness in that sense. It has no shadow to it.

  In many mythologies of the world, they say that when a person becomes enlightened no shadow is created around him. It is true in a sense – not factually true, but symbolically true – in that he has no opposite to his being. He lives in non-duality.

  Happiness is dual – always defined by unhappiness. That is the dilemma of the happy or the unhappy person, the ordinary person. If you are happy, still you are unhappy because you know that nothing is certain. When you are unhappy, you are unhappy. When you are happy, then too you are unhappy.

  Bliss means a state of your inner nature not caused by anything from the outside – just your own being in its purity, uncaused, undefined, independent. Only then one is happy. Then one is eternally happy. So bliss or anand, is the ultimate state of a human being – the purest, where all the causes have been dropped and one has come to understand one’s own nature, one’s own tao.




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