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奧修說名字 Oma


 Prem means love, oma means the sound -- the sound of love, the song of love. 'Oma' is a very very special word.  It exactly means what is meant in the Bible by Logos. In the beginning there was the word and the word was with god and god was the word. That word is oma -- that sound, that primordial sound, that first sound through which all arises, lives, and into which all disappears. We are just small notes of oma. This whole existence is a symphony of oma, a great orchestra, and we are just small notes.

 To understand it, that one is just a small note in a great orchestra, helps tremendously. Then you don't fight with the whole, you are with the whole. The ego disappears, and in the disappearance of the ego is the appearance of god. The moment you die, the moment you utterly disappear as a separate-entity, god is felt, god is experienced. So become a small note in the eternal symphony of sounds.







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