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奧修說名字 Abodha


 The word "abodha" has both the meanings: it can mean innocent... it can mean ignorant.

 Ignorance is innocent, and ignorance is ignorant. They are both two sides of the same , adverse and reverse. They are not separate. that's why jesus goes on insisting: 'Unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of god . ' And how, can one become like a child? One becomes like a child when one renounces knowledge.

 In fast there is not much trouble in renouncing knowledge because it is all bogus. In the very nature of things, knowledge is not possible. You cannot know anything . Ignorance is very fundamental, ignorance is eternal -- it cannot be broken. All knowledge is on the surface. just go a little deeper and you will find it disappears, You say you know your wife, you know your girlfriend -- what do you know? you say you know yourself -- what do you know?

 Watch carefully each item that you claim you know, and sooner or later you wilt understand that you don't know. Existence is not available to knowledge. It ls closed... adam has been thrown out. It is closed for knowledge. It is available for love but it is closed for knowledge Love is innocent.

 So there is a way ofknowing which is more like loving than knowing And there are two ways ofknowledge One, the way of knowledge, and another the way ofinnocence, the way of love.

 When you love a person. you know and yet you cannot claim knowledge. You know in a subtle way yet the very claim that you know will be wrong -- you cannot claim it. The object of your love remains mysterious -- known, yet mysterious. And the whole existence is your object of-love. Sannyas is Falling in love with existence.

 This is my message for you -- continuously go on dropping knowledge and remain innocent. Then you will be able to undo what adam has done. Each matt has to undo it -- that's what the biblical story says: (that each man suffers because adam committed something wrong... because each matt is an edam again. Each man has lived in the garden of eden in his childhood. It is not art historical story; it is a psychological story. Each child is born in that parable again: lives in innocence enjoys blissfully all that is available then one day suddenly loses that innocence -- becomes corrupt becomes knowledgable.






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