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奧修說名字 Gyan Nirmalo


 DGyan means windom, Nirmalo means innocence. Innocence is wisdom, wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge. It is the simplicity of the heart. Itanother name for a silent, still heart.


 Knowledge destroys something, something very precious: the capacity to wonder. That is one of the most valuable things in life, and knowledge destroys it. The more you know, the less you wonder, and the less you wonder, the less life means to you, You are not exhilarated with life. You are not surprised -- you start taking things for granted.


 The innocent heart is continuously in wonder like a small child collecting seashells on the sea beach or coloured stones, or just running hither and thither in a garden after butterfiles... and is surprised by everythings. That's why children ask so many questions.


 If you go for a morning walk with a child you start feeling exhausted because he goes on asking about this and that, and questions which cannot be answered: 'Why are the trees green? and 'Why is the rose red?'questions which cannot be answered. But why is the child asking? He is intrigued. He is interested in everything. The word 'interest' comes from a root which means: to be involved in -- 'inter-esse'. The child is involved in everything that is happening: the dog that is passing by the side and the cow that is just sitting on the road and the car that passes by and the bird that is on the wing.... A child is involved with everything that is surrounding him.


 The more you become knowledgeable, the less and less you remain involved in life. You simply pass by -- you are not concerned with the cow and the dog and the rose bush and the sun and the bird you are not concerned. Your mind has become very narrow, you are just going to your office or back to your home. You are just running after money more and more, that's all or after power, but you are no more related to life in its multi-dimensionality.




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