O.P.H - Osho Prana Healing

A major course of the OLOS Academy of Healing Arts and Consciousness for Holistic Health Practitioner*

O.P.H First Year Training V Module 1~3

Feb 17~21; Feb 24~28, 2012 at Osho Garden, Taipei, Taiwan

Course conducted in English

OPH Energy Harmonization is a method of energy rebalancing inspired by the vision of the Indian mystic Osho and refers back to the theory that "Matter does not exist and everything is energy developed by Nobel Prize winner Max Planck.

In the vision of this discipline, energy is one. Energy manifestations are different, but basically the essence that takes on different forms and fragrances is the same.

To understand all its different manifestations, we use the traditional metaphysical Indian map of seven chakras and seven bodies composing the human energy field, or aura. Every symptom, every disharmony is seen as an energy imbalance manifesting itself at first on subtle bodies and then on the physical body.

With OPH Energy Harmonization, you learn how to work on the energy of the mind-body system at all levels (thoughts and beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicalness) so that healing happens holistically, not only in terms of symptoms.

Particular attention is paid to developing the practitioners' emotional intelligence, their ability to receive, listen, understand others by focusing on the heart and the vibration of acceptance. It will therefore be possible to establish an empathic, non invasive contact, enabling the client to find that deep relaxation where understanding and healing happen spontaneously.

During the training course in Energy Harmonization, the practitioner will have the possibility to explore and deepen meditation by using different techniques from Western and Eastern traditions, but also as a way of living everyday life with awareness, relaxation, and acceptance

*For details of the OLOS program please go to http://www.accademiaolos.it/english/


At Osho Garden, we offer a concentrated schedule that allows you to finish the 1st year training in a relative shorter period of time. (from Feb 17~28, in 2012)  This is more suitable for people who travel for the training.  We offer comfortable and economical accommodation, booking in advance required.

For any inquiries, please contact us at osho@oshogarden.org or phone us by +886-2-2805-7959

Osho Garden

1F, No.6, Lane 156, Shalun Rd., Danshui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan




Module 1 - Elements of Indian Energy - The ´hara´ as a source of vital energy - The main seven chakras and their perception - Opening to perceive the first two aural bodies - The basic session-

Module 2 V Energy reading - Specific techniques for specific symptoms - Exploration of the energetic manifestation of charkas - Relaxation techniques.

Module 3 V How to communicate with the receiver/client - Distant healing - Going deeper into psychic capacities


Module 4 V Vibration qualities and expansion of the energy bodies - Deep reading of the energy bodies - Inner vision development techniques (6th)

Module 5 - Trauma exploration  

Exploration of the shock and shame states - How shock and shame limit the natural flow of vital energy -  Traces of emotional wounds in energy bodies - Re-contacting energetic and psychic realities in order to allow shock understanding and transformation -  Techniques for working with the hara and transformation methods

Module 6 - Training on the process for healing trauma


Module 7 V Multi-sessions (various workers) -  Synchronicity and team work

Module 8 V Attention and presence in dynamics arising from team work

Effects of colours and sounds on energy bodies

Module 9 V Beliefs and their effect on energy bodies - Colours: energetic function and utilization - Sounds: energetic function and utilization





About Rita Upadhi Maggi

O.P.H .Energy Harmonization - Intuition, Sensitivity and Energy - Energy integration and awareness techniques

Holistic counsellor specialized in Energy Work, Teacher of Energy Work Techniques and Meditation, Reiki Master. In 1980, she became a disciple of enlightened Master Osho and since then she has practiced and experimented meditation techniques and personal growth processes. In 1981 she started her personal path of understanding energy movements which led her to develop and teach O.P.H ® Energy Harmonization. 

She specialized in Esoteric Sciences at Multiversity of Poona, India. She continued her holistic training at ISMUM Istituto Superiore Medicine Umanistiche, Rome, and later at Osho Academy, Sedona, Arizona, USA.She has been an energy work counsellor for over twenty years. She has developed and conducted growth and meditation trainings and experiential groups at international level. She was the founder and president of Osho Prana Healing International. She is the founder, President and Educational Director of Accademia per le Arti della Salute e Consapevolezza Olos.